The Fast Eddy’s™ by Cookshack FEC750 stainless steel rotisserie smoker is a 100% wood pellet unit with a Cookshack IQ5 digital controller. It features quick start-up and fast heat recovery during use. Great for food trucks, caterers, and restaurants, as well as barbecue competitions.

How It Works
• Heat and smoke are supplied by 100% wood pellets
• Offset firebox and convection fan circulates smoke and heat for even temperatures
• Drippings exit the bottom of the smoker for clean, safe disposal

IQ5 Controller
• Digital controller
• Includes 8 programmable, customizable cooking presets
• Alarm cycle
• LCD display
• USB port for downloading up to 512 hours of cook time onto a FAT formatted USB flash drive
• Features 3-stage and 2-stage cooking options

• Tough double-walled stainless steel construction surrounds 850°F Spin-Glas® insulation
• Retains heat and remains cool to the touch on the outside

• Pellets are clean burning, produce very little ash and create low creosote buildup
• Approved by all major cooking competition sanctioning bodies

FEC750 Venting Requirements

The installation of a flue will vary depending on the location and local codes. Unit may be installed under a hood in
accordance with your local codes. If a hood is not used, then a flue/vent is required. Venting should be installed in
accordance with state and local fire codes (NFPA96):
• Type “L”
• Minimum diameter of five (5) inches
• No more than two (2) ninety-degree elbows
• No longer than thirty (30) feet
• Extends three (3) feet above the highest point where the flue passes through the roof
• Must utilize a rain cap on a flue exhaust

Attachment and securement of the exhaust venting system to the product and to each adjoining section of connector
vent are required to be fastened with at least three screws.  These units may be installed with an optional flue collector. This filtered flue hood attaches to the flue system that sets over the exhaust tube on the smoker to remove smoke, grease and ash (Cookshack part number PA005).
• The optional smoke evacuator requires a ten (10) inch pipe, minimum 24 gauge with mushroom type fan (minimum 280 cfm) mounted on roof (not provided by Cookshack). Pipe needs three (3) inches clearance from combustibles. The fan must be run on a separate electrical circuit from the smoker

Outside Dimensions: 84″W (87” with firebox door open) x 77″H x 89”D
Food Capacity: 5750 lbs. pork butts, 700 lbs. brisket, 300 lbs. ribs, or 110 chickens per load
Cooking Area: 75 sq. ft. (10,800 sq. in.)
Shelves: (15) 60″ x 11.5″ stainless steel rotisserie grills
Appx Fuel Consumption: 3 lbs. of pellets per hour at 250°F
Appx Cost of Operation: $15.75 per 12 hour cycle at average setting (includes pellet cost and electric)
Temperature Range: 160°F to 400°F
Electrical: 15 amps @ 120 VAC; 1,800 watts; 108,000 BTU burner; power cord approximate length is 66″ (± 6″)
Fuel Source: 100% wood pellets
Pellet Hopper Capacity: 80 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 2100 lbs.
Standard Equipment: 15 rotisserie grills, 5 grill racks, casters, operator’s manual, registration card, cookbook, 160 lbs. pellets, foot pedal and Cookshack Spice Kit
Optional Accessories: Smoke Evacuator, Flue Collector, Front Shelf, Trailer and Pig Pan
Warranty: Cookshack products are backed by a 2 year limited warranty including 90 days full parts and labor

Additional information

Weight 2075 lbs
Dimensions 72 × 47 × 39.75 in


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