Napoleon Cedar Grilling Plank


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Specifically made for plank grilling, the Napoleon Cedar Plank will add a sweet and smoky flavor to any food you wish to barbecue. Pairing best with seafood, cedar is also great for flavoring vegetables, tofu, pork, chicken and steak. The cooking process produces both smoke and steam which will keep your food moist and flavorful. Napoleon Cedar grilling planks are thicker than most other planks on the market. This means that they are reusable. Simply pre-soak the 100% untreated natural cedar planks in cold water for at least one hour before use to ensure consistent burn and smoke. Then place the plank and food onto a preheated barbecue. When the food is finished, rinse the cedar barbecue plank thoroughly with water and scrape off any food residue. Any stubborn residue can be sanded off. Do not use soap. Allow the plank to dry completely before storing. A plank can be reused until it is approximately 50% charred. The Cedar grilling plank is great for experimental grillers and impressing your guests, these hassle-free planks are easy to use and disposable.

  • 100% natural, untreated cedar plank
  • Pairs best with seafood, but also great for vegetables, tofu, pork, chicken and steak
  • Produces both smoke and steam which will keep your food moist and flavorful
  • Can be safely reused until approximately 50% charred
  • Easy to useā€”soak for an hour, place on preheated grill, & get cooking!


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