Yoder Smokers Cimmaron on Competition Stand



To meet the demands of competitive cooks and caterers alike, the Cimarron Competition Smoker provides a light-weight, highly mobile platform that maximizes cooking area. Mounted on our proven competition cart, simply roll it out of your trailer, place into position, fire it up and cook. At the heart of the cooker is Yoder’s integrated heat management system that allows the pit-master unequalled control across the large cooking surface. Whether you are chasing the points or cooking for large crowds, this pit is sleek, mobile and ready to travel.

Whether you are competing in the fast-paced world of barbecue competitions or engaged in mobile catering, the Yoder Smokers Cimarron S Pellet Smoker delivers a robust cooking area in a small footprint to fit neatly into your mobile cooking package. The texture and color produced by the Cimarron are unmatched in the world of pellet grills. Our heat management system and Yoder Smokers ACS Adaptive Control System with two integrated food probes delivers results that are akin to a wood fired offset. The marriage of a pellet grill and old-fashioned wood pit to create an incredible smoker, designed with world-class results in mind.

The 26″ x 54″ cooking chamber features two 25″ x 26.5″ main level cooking grates giving you 1,325 square cooking inches while the slide out second level shelf adds another 898 square cooking inches. The Cimarron was designed to easily cook an entire barbecue competition giving you the room you need to move food around as necessary and allow heat and smoke to envelop the meat, giving you better bark and bigger flavor. This fully loaded unit includes a 40 pound “Firebox-Style” hopper with a pellet dump feature and boiler-style door. The pellet dump allows for changing over pellets flavors or the ability to dump for those long trips! Are you ready?



  • American Made in Kansas, USA
  • Door Counterweight
  • YS Counterweight Signage
  • Dual Door Temperature Gauges
  • Stay-Cool Handles
  • Integrated Probe Port
  • Folding Stainless Steel Front Shelf
  • Grease Drain
  • Firebox-Style Hopper with Boiler Door
  • Pellet Dump
  • Yoder Smokers ACS (Adaptive Control System)
  • WiFi + Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Two Integrated Food Probes
  • 2nd Level Slide-Out Cooking Shelf
  • Patented Heat Management System
  • Ceramic Ignition System
  • Competition Stand
  • Integrated Steering Axle
  • 10-inch wheels with Pneumatic Tires
  • Built-in Tie Downs


  • Custom Cover (+589.00)
  • Cast Iron Griddle (+99.95)
  • 1/2 Depth Second Level Cooking Shelf (+269.00)
  • The Cimarron is fully customizable. Please reach out to our sales team to inquire.

Cooking Area: 2,225 square inches, Pellet Capacity 40LBS, Temp Range: 150-475°F

Cooking Surface:  2,225 Sq. Inches
– Two 25″x26.5″ Lower Cooking Grates – 1,325 Sq. Inches
– 42.75″x21″ 2nd level Slide-Out Shelf adds 898 Sq. Inches
Cooking Chamber:  26 Inches in Diameter, 54 Inches long
Cooking Chamber Thickness:  ¼ Inch Steel
Hopper Capacity:  40 lbs.
Overall Length:  92.6″
Overall Height:  72″
Overall Depth:  49.3″(Including Front Shelf)
Weight:  1,246 lbs


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Weight1600 lbs
Dimensions88 × 61 × 47 in


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